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This post brought to you by…

I am well aware that probably half of my posts mention, if not blatantly promote, either Penzeys Spices or Punch Brothers. I promise that neither is sponsoring MMTR.

I just like what I like.

Today I’m on Penzeys. (And listening to Punch Brothers while I write. Swear.)

Last night for dinner we had Crock Pot Black Eye Peas over rice. Easy peasy. The kids have been devouring salad every time I make it, so I’ve been trying to make it each night. But I don’t care for, really can not stand, dare I say “hate?”, bottled dressings. They’re full of crap. And for the most part, taste like crap.

Making homemade dressings is easy. Promise. One of these days, when the kids move out and I’m caught up on laundry, I’ll post a couple of my favorites. Until then, though, duhn-da-duhn….meet Penzey’s salad dressing bases.

A half cup jar is between $4 and $6, and will make 6-8 salads. All you do is let a bit of the base sit in an equal amount of water for about five minutes, then mix in other ingredients, depending on which dressing you have. The beauty of the dressing mixes is that they can sit in your spice cabinet indefinitely and because the other items are normal things you’d have anyway, it can be done last minute with no extra grocery runs. The additional ingredients are usually some mix of oil and vinegar. The Buttermilk Ranch, which we had last night, calls for mayo and buttermilk.

Except I didn’t have buttermilk on hand so I made some- one cup of milk plus a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice.

Or if you only have skim milk, but also happen to have half-and-half, and decide “what the hell? It’s going on lettuce,” the half-and-half come buttermilk tastes delicious too.

I wish I could post a pic of the jars of dressings, but Penzeys is a pretty simple company with a pretty simple website and no pictures. Just visit penzeys.com and search for “salad” for a complete list.

As if I didn’t like them enough for their awesome selection and reasonable prices, this is their motto…Perfect.

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