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Give Me Cornbread


My kids and I were listening to the Zydeco masterpiece Give Him Cornbread by Beau Jocque on the way to school.  It’s a song about, you guessed, cornbread.  At some point, he shouts “Couche-couche!” which is cornbread left over from the night before sort of mushed into milk and eaten for breakfast.  I have distinct fourth-grade cafeteria memories of the boys making a huge mess on their trays pouring milk over their cornbread and mashing it up.


AG pops up from the back and responds “I love couscous!”


My thoughts:


A#1- At eight years old, hell, at eighteen years old, I had no idea what couscous was.


B#2- And I’m proud that she loves food in the way I do.


C#3- But I surely knew about couche-couche.


D#4- And it makes me very sad that the kids are disconnected from my Cajun heritage, my people.


Does every parent who leaves their childhood home feel this struggle?  I love Acadiana.  I love the people, the food, the music.  I get goosebumps when I hear Edwin Edwards talk.


My kids have already had a broader life than I did growing up there.  They’re exposed to so many different cultures, ways of life, ethnic foods, and therefore, more of the real world.


Some might say I over-romanticize. But I miss home.  And I don’t get back often enough.  So this weekend, if only for twenty-four hours, we will push off some of our commitments and head west on I-10.


And learn about couche-couche.


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Fun (Size) Friday!!

Peanut M&M's

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I planned a long run this morning to determine whether I’d be able to complete the Children’s Hospital Jazz Half Marathon on October 29 upright, but as things go, my plans were foiled.  AG had to stay home sick.  I had her dressed and walked into school, but per my need for full disclosure, told the nurse that she had a fever last night, but was fine now.  The nurse promptly reminded me of the school policy that no child attend school within twenty-four hours of running a fever.  Whatever.

Hubby was able to grab Dude from afternoon dismissal, so I had a two-hour window in which to squeeze a run.  I mapped my route, stashed a couple of dollars in my shorts pocket and headed out.  About halfway through I ran into Walgreen’s, almost ran into a customer as my glasses fogged at the door, and grabbed a fresh bottle of water.

A big part of who I am is that I get really excited over little things.  Today as I approached the cashier, in a plastic Halloween bucket on the counter were Fun Size Peanut M&Ms, free for the taking.

I was as thrilled as Edwin Edwards at a debutante ball.   

I skipped out, a little sugar in my system and a little spring in my step, and finished my run.  The claim that they don’t melt in your hand doesn’t really hold four miles into a 3pm run, but it licks right off.

Just kidding.  That’s gross.

Happy Fun Friday everyone!!!

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