So I used to have this blog…

Will one social media platform pull me back into another??  (I was honestly scared that I wouldn’t remember how to get into my blog.)

Ever so pleased with myself this morning, I posted on Facebook that I had updated my template for menu planning.  It’s not brilliant or anything, but I use it religiously to plan our meals for the week, and thought I could spare others the time involved in creating one for themselves.

So I offered it to anyone who wanted it.

I got more requests than my sitter whose roommate pranked her by putting her name and number on Craigslist selling Bieber tickets the day of.

Here’s the blank one.

Menu plan

However, it seems like what everyone really wanted was for me to tell them what to eat.  Or at least to know what I was fixing.

So here is my honest-to-God, holes-in-it-from-being-posted-on-the-bulletin-board, eraser-marked menu plan for this week.


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2 thoughts on “So I used to have this blog…

  1. Marcelle says:

    Yeah! You are back!!!!

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  2. Aunt Nancy says:


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