Capt. Mike’s Chocolate Cookies

I love to fish.  I can cast with the best of them, control my line, set the hook and land a big one.

I just don’t like to touch them.

As evidenced by this picture:

To my right, is one of my favorite people, Capt. Mike, charter fisherman.  The dude is serious about fishing.  He knows his stuff.  And he treats us (three pretty intense ladies) like legitimate fisherchicks. 

Unlike another well-known, award-winning redfish charter captain who deliberately took us out to a rig for reds that were too big to eat and then called us names when we asked to go back to the marsh.

Love Capt. Mike.

So I named these cookies for him.  If you look closely, you can see fish-shaped pretzels mixed in.  Cute, huh?


Capt. Mike’s Chocolate Cookies

¾ cup brown sugar

¾ cup granulated sugar

½ cup butter, softened

½ cup shortening

1 ½ t vanilla

2 eggs

2 cups flour

¼ cup cocoa powder

1 t baking soda

½ t salt

1 cup white chocolate chips

¾ cup fish-shaped pretzels

  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Beat sugars, butter, and shortening until light.  Add eggs and vanilla.
  3. Sift flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt into sugar mixture and mix until incorporated.
  4. Drop onto baking sheets lined with Silpats.  I used a #24 cookie scoop, which yields cookies about 3 inches across.
  5. Bake 14 minutes.  Cool slightly on the baking sheets, then transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling.



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8 thoughts on “Capt. Mike’s Chocolate Cookies

  1. Stacy Burst says:

    I want to make these right now for my daughter’s beach trip. Great hostess happy. Are the pretzels Goldfish?

  2. They look terrific. Are you going to post any redfish recipes?

  3. Lorie says:

    I’m not sure which looks better – the cookies or the redfish! I know my girls would pick the cookies, so I suppose I’ll try those first.

  4. Lisa says:

    I just made these. They are so yummy! Collin went from “I don’t want crackers in my cookies” to ” aw, why is there only one in my cookie?”

  5. Rachel says:

    The cookies look great but that Capt. Mike is the real winner! Call 504-689-2006 to book a fishing trip !

  6. Lorie says:

    Just made Captain Mike’s Chocolate Cookies, and they are delicious. Lanie says they are “the best”!

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