It’s Elementary. Chess, That Is.

Dude and I are headed for a big adventure this afternoon:  The National Elementary Chess Championship in Nashville, Tennessee.

He’s 7.

The kid loves chess.  And in this day, who wouldn’t do everything in their power to encourage a seven year-old boy to pursue competitive chess??

Time out.  I just googled “too much screen time” to see what research is out there on this subject.  Holy shit. One Utah study found that children ages 8-18 spend 7 ½ hours a day in front of a screen.  That’s almost as much time as most adults spend at work. 


Anyone out there been to a chess tournament?  It’s pretty frickin’ hilarious at this age.  Most of the kids, like 95%, are boys.  At our city tournaments, the little ones finish their matches way before the older kids, and because all ages compete in the same room, there’s an awful lot of free time for the first-graders.  They usually end up running around outside, wrestling with each other, or whatever Lord of the Flies stuff they do to let out steam before the next round.

It’s basically tackle football interrupted by the occasional chess game.

Wonder how the fancy-pants mega-hotel is going to take to a herd of seven year-olds throwing balls around the lobby, because I’m pretty sure no one on Dude’s team can play chess without at least three fresh brush-burns.

So wish us luck.  Send us good vibes.  The word from our awesome chess coach is that this is the best crew of first-graders he’s seen in a while, so we have a good chance to bring home a big win.

And I’ll try to restrain myself from getting this to commemorate:

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2 thoughts on “It’s Elementary. Chess, That Is.

  1. Bama Bestie says:

    I warned you about the tattoo.

  2. Davey says:

    Good luck to the Dude! He has the brain of a champ.

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